Somehow we've come to believe that greatness is reserved to the gifted few or to the fortunate.

Greatness is neither magical nor mysterious.

Greatness is in the pursuit of perfection, not the end state of being perfect.

Greatness is in attention to the smallest detail.

Greatness is an unsettled obsession to quality.

Greatness is in intellectual honesty and the courage to find the truth.

Greatness is truly inspiring and contagious, and to be great is to become great.

Greatness is not about being the greatest, because there will only be one, greatness is greater than that.

Greatness is not zero-sum, to be great is not to make somebody or something else less great.

Greatness is abundance and a positive sum force in this world, and by extension, everybody can be great at their crafts.

Don't be discouraged when people you care and respect tell you to lower expectations.

We will always be there to cheer for Greatness, not just for the greatest.

Love from,